Monday, January 18, 2010

Secret socities from another perspective ....

We always feared what we didn't really have deep knowledge about.
Humans are researchers by nature , they have this urge to dig into subjects they find strange , forbidden or dangerous. Fear is the stimulus of courage itself in the human brain . But what if the results were harsh ? what if the curiosity itself wasn't at its right place? AND what if someone was really clever to get in and out alive with the most profound secrets? A very organised mind with a plan to work on can analyse any secret society conspiracy and publish it to a major public. Can he get killed ? Vanish ? or be honored ?
That is a protoype of questions many of us had in mind for quite sometimes now , the answers are still a bit blurry but we know and are quite sure that behind any fateful decision are some powerful , strong minded people. Some had the courage to claim they are committing to a fraternity or some secret community. Some died and burried the secret beside them.
It's controversial subject , yet interesting to know about .... Our goal is to get somewhere we can proudly say we brought something fresh to a really extended cultural and weird subject.


  1. very interesting blog Miss Khalil :)
    courage and keep up the good work !

  2. dear Jessy
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    good luck habibti